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>> this is bbc world news america, reporting from washington. our gaddafi forces on the run? rebels appeared to turn the tide in brown fighting and are now trying to take the libyan strongman hometown. inside japan's nuclear effect erasion zone, a rare look at the desolate area near the crippled reactor, even as word comes up new leaks of highly radioactive water. defining the american dream. we begin a special series examining the experience is of those who have come to call the u.s. home. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. in libya, state television is reporting you allied air strikes tonight, even as anti-government rebels) on what could be an important symbolic victory after a weekend of military gains. there have been moving steadily west, retaking towns they had earlier lost, moving from benghazi, the rebels are now in control of three other towns. the biggest victory could be the capture of sirte, colonel gaddafi's home town. >> taking the fight to colonel gaddafi's birthplace. rebels pounding targets near the town of sirte. a victory here wou
, the conditions are pretty terrible. the actual ordnance comes from various countries from russia, america, china, and a large number of mortar bombs made in britain. the british stuff, like the rest, is all very old. but if a bomb landed on it, there will be a major disaster. land mines would be planted here, but nobody knew where. everyone we spoke to was hoping for a no-fly zone by the western powers. >> wheat persuade you to let the people of europe and america listen to our requests. >> for now, there is no protection against the air force. just a few nervous volunteers. gos>> one with the libyans have been venting their feelings is through art. our correspondent has been home to a makeshift gallery to see some of the pictures on display. we are unable to bring you that at the moment, but we will give you the package a little bit later. the situation has been unfolding in terms of the international reaction. much has been said about whether the international community w z. >> of the threat of an attack from the above could be stopped if our air force jets were patrolling the libya opposed th
can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is "bbc world news america." dock the's forces on the run. rebels appear to turn the tide -- gaddafi party forces are on the run. they are attempting to take the stronghold. the rebels said they will take this road all the way to tripoli. the closer they get, the more resistance they can expect to face. inside the nuclear evacuation in japan, where a rare look at the desolate area near the crippled reactor. new reports of a highly reactive water. defining the american dream of. we begin a special series examining those who have called the u.s. home. >> welcome to our viewers on a pbs in america. and in libya, state tv reports the new allied air strikes tonight even as anti-government rebels closed in on what could be an important symbolic win. they have been moving steadily west. moving from than gauzy, they are now in control -- moving from benghazi, the biggest win would be the capture of sirte. >> is taking the fight to colonel gaddafi parks and birthplace -- gaddafi's birthplace. a victory here would have huge symboli
this a humanitarian crisis. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and elsewhere around the world. my name is mike embley. another day of rage in yemen, but the president tells the u.s. to stop interfering. and he is known for shaquita andino -- shocking o on the catwalk, but dior has fired john galliano. hello again. in libya, colonel gaddafi is making efforts to shore up areas around capital of tripoli. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is warning that the country could go into a protracted civil war. jeremy bowen says that gaddafi says there are no demonstrations against him, and jeremy has a different account of how peaceful the city is. >> colonel gaddafi supporters were in the town to wave off the convoy. they say his authority will be restored. >> forever. forever. >> the regime's power is concentrated in the capital. colonel gaddafi has genuine support here, but there are protesters in tripoli, too. this is the center of the city, and green square. authorities say the foreign media has not been showing signs like these because they are wrongly portrayed in libya as c
of major operations to nato. >> i said america's role would be limited and we would not put ground troops into libya. we would focus our unique capabilities on the front end of the operation and transfer responsibility to our allies and partners. tonight, we are fulfilling that pledge. >> allied strikes on libya continue. the rebels he -- meet heavy resistance but pledged to continue their advance westward. >> i will hold gaddafi and kill him. >> fist fighting in the western city upper -- of misrata. we are broadcasting to our viewers in p.b.s. in america, and around the world. japan's prime minister declares a state of maximum alert over the crisis at the fukushima nuclear plant. president obama has made his first formal speech on the military campaign in libya. the address in washington came amid some criticism in the united states that the president has yet to explain what the goals of military action are and how long the military action will last. he responded by saying that a failure to act would have carried a far greater price for both american and libya. but he made clear military
>> this is "bbc world news america." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> president obama says the u.s. has a moral obligation to intervene in libya. he will now have control. >> america's role will be limited. we will not put ground troops into libya, but we will focus our unique capabilities on the front and at transfer responsibility to our allies and partners. tonight, we are fulfilling that pledge. >> the rebels meet heavy resistance but about a continue the walk westward. there is fighting in the western city hall as pro gaddafi forces and get back partial control. thank you for joining us, coming up, a state of maximum alert over the crisis at the fukushima nuclear plant. ♪ using western military force to evict col
. the actual order and its comes from various countries. from russia, america, china, and there is a large number of bombs made in britain. the purchase stuff is all very old. if a bomb landed on it, it would be a major disaster. what'd the rebels volunteered to drive us a around. nine bombs have been planted here, but no one knew where. everyone was hoping for a no-fly zone by the western powers. >> please. >> for now, there is no protection year against the air force. just a few nervous volunteers. >> with the air force one of the few remaining assets, the no-fly zone is something the international community has been discussing. it is an option that has mixed reaction. the united states is moving its military might in the area closer to libya. >> the threats of an attack from above could be stopped if american air force jets were patrolling lydia's skies. -- lydia's skies pretty hillary clinton told american politicians that libya could end up in democracy or in the chaos of the protracted civil war. >> one of those actions under review is a no-fly zone. there are arguments that favor it
>> this is bbc world news america. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vt., andnd honolulu. newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. foundatiomacarthur foundation, n bank. ♪ >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now bbc world news. >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. i am matt frye. rebels and government forces continue to fight it out in libya. the end game in the ivory coast, the incumbent president to give it up. virgin galactic rocket ship will soon be ready to make it real. we have an inside look. >> we have six passengers sitting free on each side of the vehicle. there will be able to look into the blackness of space. >> welcome. makess gaddafi's de army games, his political allies flee. rousseff colusa abandoned his job, fled his country, and began to spill the beans. he is now being trumpeted in the west as a sign that gaddafi's regime is coming from within
in america and also around the globe. coming up for you, violence escalates in ivory coast as militias loyal to the two presidential rivals hunt down their opponents. and an historic touchdown for discovery. the oldest of america's space shuttles. and its remarkable 27-year career. bbc team in libya have been jailed and subjected to beatings and mock executions. the events took place when they were detained early they are week but only now that they have left the country are we reporting their story. while they were in prison they witnessed first hand the horrifying levels of violence meted out by colonel gaddafi's security forces and other prisoners. the bbc team were teasted at a rest point six miles south of zawiya where some of the feesest fighting is taking place. after their release they spoke to our middle east editor jeremy bowen in tripoli. >> 30 miles and many checkpoints separate zawiya from tripoli. the town has been sealed off. tonight, the gaddafi forces seemed close to victory there. but we can't firm that because the libyans won't let foreign news teams move freely. the bbc l
." >>> this is "bbc world news america." outgunned and ill-equipped, libyan rebels are on the run. >> we have to join the rebel forces pulling back. they managed to go a short distance up the road before we came under fire. >> hanging on, syria's president and his security forces set out to enforce it. and a million fans are mesmerized as india and pakistan face-off in the world cup. >>> well, on pbs in america and around the globe. it's just a few days ago, it seemed that the rebels had the upper hand in libya. now they are on the run. such is the fickle nature of the war. they say without continued help from western powers, the opposition cannot overthrow the government. following coalition air strikes, the rebels had been moving from their town of benghazi, but now have lost a town. >> revolution 101. beginners lessons in using a rocket-propelled grenade. but there is more guesswork and expertise. it the rebels want more weapons, and the international community is suggesting they may not get them, but what is missing here is training and leadership -- the international committee is suggesting they
" broadcast to our viewers in pbs in america and also around the world. coming up for you, with just a month to go for the royal wedding here, we have a list of the do's and don't's ahead of the big day. >> welcome. as fierce fighting continues in libya, president obama has said he has not ruled out supplying u.s. weapons to opposition figures in the country. he also says he believes colonel gaddafi was losing control of his country would ultimately step down. speaking in a series of interviews on american news networks, president obama called on the leadership around colonel gaddafi to make it clear that he had to go. >> the circle around gaddafi understands that the noose is tightening, that their days are probably numbered. and they're going to have to think through what their next steps are. but as i have been very clear about throughout, there's certain things they can do that will send the signal that he's ready to go. until that time, we're going to keep on applying pressure and hopefully he's going to be getting the message soon. >> if gaddafi ends up in a villa someplace in zimbabwe
are not afraid. america, nato, france. it is our country. we live here, we die here. we will never, ever surrender to those terrorists. >> later in tripoli, colonel gaddafi's most prominent son addressed the quarters he called the real libyans. they were supposed to be libya's future, until the rebellion. as far as these people are concerned, that vision has been restored. the son will succeed the father. the rebels will be beaten. it feels like a victory rally. and he had a shot message for the rebels. we're coming. jeremy bowen, "bbc news," tripoli. >> nato has insisted that for a no-fly zone to be set up over libya, there would have to be strong regional support. on the diplomatic front, there has been a rather gloomy assessment in washington of the rebels' chance. the united kingdom of france has ramped up -- saying the libyan union has lost any legitimacy. >> this is not the easy revolution the world's leaders has had hoped for. colonel gaddafi's hold on power may be shaky, but he could still win. at nato headquarters today, they were not banging the war drums, but they did decide t
to the program, broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and elsewhere around the globe -- i am mike embley. drought in china as the country's economy steams ahead. can the water supply keep pace with the change. >> welcome to benghazi, libya's second-largest city. we have heard bursts of gunfire. there is still uncertainty here, mixed with a sense of celebration. this is still very much a divided country. colonel gaddafi is holding on, but even the capital is not under his control, as we have been finding out. >> gaddafi supporters were in town to wave off a convoy to benghazi. they say his authority will be restored. >> forever, forever. >> the power of the regime is concentrated in the capital. gaddafi has genuine support here. people would not be out on the streets like this if they thought there wasn't in it chance of violent regime change. but look what somebody put it discreetly and without saying anything into one of the hands of my colleagues, a shell casing. it feels very different. they come at night, sometimes opening fire, sometimes taking people away note -- away. >> talking t
. tsunami alerts have been downgraded across the region. welcome to bbc news, broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. a mammoth relief mission is swinging and action in northeastern japan after it was struck by a devastating tsunami claiming hundreds of lives. the disaster was triggered by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake, the most powerful since records began in that country. states of emergency have been declared. people living nearby, up to 300 bodies have been found. >> suddenly it strikes. almost in the blank of the night and without warning. it is terrifying. there is a threat more menacing still. the speed of a jet aircraft. the tsunami defenses are among the best in the world. it is not movable, unstoppable, removing everything in its destructive process. it reduces the house in seconds. the quake struck at 2:46 local time in the middle of a normal working day. imagine being in this office when this happens. for a moment, they freeze, immobilized by panic. a frantic scramble for shelter. >> we are going to break out of the report because we are going to go to the meteorologica
>> this is "bbc world news america." on the run -- muammar gaddafi's minister has defective while rebels are running away from a government offensive on the ground. >> we have to join the rebel forces falling back. they manage to go a short distance up the road before we came under fire. >> hanging on -- the president of assyria offers a defiant response against his rule and his of -- his security forces set out to enforce it. and a billion fans as india and pakistan face-off in cricket's world cup. the stakes go well beyond the playing field. >> welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. just a few weeks ago, the rebels in libya appeared to have the upper hand and now they are on the run. such is the fickle nature of this war. speaking of a fickle, and appears muammar gaddafi's foreign minister has given up on his boss. he made his way to the u.k. today. rebel forces had been heading west from their stronghold in benghazi. but now they have lost the town of brega. we begin the coverage from further down the coast. >> revolution 101 -- beginners' of lessons in
are in forclosure. they've announced 4 million repossessed homes across america. david flors tries to help those struggling with their mortgage. >> a lot of homeowners purchase too much house. we saw in 2010 roughly 54,000 appointments all related to mortgage delinquencies in our offices across the country. so we are seeing a great increase. >> it's thought u.s. bank forclosures have not yet peaked. but those willing to buy face tougher requirements to qualify for a mortgage. johnathan miller says america's housing market is still not healthy. >> the general trend is still weak. we are not expecting a recovery in the immediate future until we see unemployment improve and we see lenders unload a lot of the forclosures they are still holding in port fell to i don't know. so i think the take away is we have a long way to go. >> california, florida, nevada and arizona account for almost half of the country's forclosures. but each is working at a different pace to deal with the backlog. >> the u.s. recovery has been stronger in recent months. those here in queens are more opt i have been misk. but t
trapped at the border. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast our viewers on pbs in america. also around the globe tiered in pakistan, the only christian government minister is shot dead, a killing he predicted just a few weeks ago. >> i was told that i would be assassinated. >> the gunman kills two u.s. airmen on a bus in frankfurt. hello. it was the day that gaddafi loyalists seemed to be fighting back against the libyan uprisings in earnest, but now, the libyan leader's opponents look to be back in control. they bit off an attack by the libyan army unit with vastly superior weaponry, but at one point, they did have the upper hand. medics say at least 14 people died in the fighting. "bbc world news" editor reports from nearby. >> news on the attack reached us in the early morning. defenders started preparing for the possibility that colonel gaddafi's forces would roll straight on and try to capture this place. they were excited and nervous. defenders here have a few ancient russian tanks which they rolled out. older and less effective than the tanks the gaddafi forces are apparently us
>> this is bbc world ns america. funding forhis presentation i de possibl by the freema foundation of nework, stowe, vt., andnd honolulu. newman's own foundation, the hn d. and catherine t. fountiomacahur foundationand ion ba. ♪ >>nion bank has put i financialtrength to workor a wi ran of companie fro small businesses to major corporaons. what can we do for you? >> and now bbc world news. >> ts is bbc world news eric reporting from washinon. i mattfrye. rebels a govnment forc continue to ght out in liby e engame in the oryoast, thincuent present to give itp. virgin galactic rocket ship will soon be rdy t make iteal. we have an insideook. we have six passengers sitting free on each side of the vicle. the wi be able to looknto the blacess space. >> welme. akes asaddi's d army game, his polical ales flee roueffolusa abandoned his job, fled his coury, and began to sll theeans he is now being trumpeted in the west as a gn tt gdaf's gimes comg from within pinnock we will see. from within. wilsee. >> he was trusted lieutenant often seen at his de. but the libyan forgn mister moussa k
>> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. gaddafi must go, that is the unanimous conclusion of leaders gathered in london even as fierce fighting continues in the viet itself. >> -- in this libya itself. >> there is sustained artillery fire and the rebels are sustaining a position just ahead. >> he fired his entire cabinet and prepares to address his citizens. >and have you heard that there s a world wedding in the works -- royal wedding in the works? just a month ago until the big day. -- a month to go until the big day. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. we are here to help the libyan people in their hour of need, that is help british prime minister david cameron describe the mission against gaddafi's forces today in london. and while the wheel of diplomacy continues to spin, on the ground where it counts, rebel forces are still facing stiff resistance from the libyan leader. tonight, coverage on both fronts and it starts with the battle -- the bbc middle east. it starts with jeremy bowen in london. >> the u.s. jets returning to their
has been on the phone to paris and london. >> yes, if he is doing a tour of south america at the moment. so, he spoke to them from air force one. he said to cameron and nicolas sarkozy, they reviewed what was going on and they reviewed that the no-fly zone had been established and the assault on benghazi had been repulsed to an extent. they agreed that nato would play a key part in any forward command structure. a key part. not necessarily the only parts. but president obama is very worried about america being seen to take the lead. he does not want the muslim and arab world to think america on its own is in charge of this. nato is the premier part of the military western alliance. that does not look good to everybody. that is what the argument has been about. the french thought it would look bad if nato was in charge. but nato is the structure that is there. you cannot build one from scratch. >> mark mardell, from washington. also be -- i asked one guest whether this was once again in europe not been decisive enough over libya. >> no, i think that is unfair. we have a ran
'ts. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. "we are here to help the libyan people in their hour of need." that was help david cameron describe the mission at a gathering of leaders in london today. well diplomacy continues to spin, on the ground, rebel forces are still facing stiff resistance. we have coverage on both fronts. we start in london. >> in the middle of conflict, a meeting designed to send clear messages to libya from a broad coalition -- big military powers, arab nations, and islamic organizations. all agreed to adopt the's of violence must stop and the future belongs -- all agreed stop and balance must the future belongs to another regime. >> we will support and stand by them as they seek to take control of their own destiny. their courage and determination should be rewarded. a new beginning for libya is within their grasp. we must help them sees it. >> first, sealing colonel gaddafi's fate is key. he sent a message accusing them of launching an offensive in his country akin to hitler's. he said the air strikes by international forces were hellish an
the senate offices to the u.s. congress, there are those who worry with the world might witness if america does not give a lead. >> to allow him to slaughter from the air against the popular movement of his people without recourse is a serious question for all of us. >> if we stand by and let it happen, that will be a black mark on our record for a long time. >> but obama is given pause by the military reality. says thatary stopping all military flights would be a conflict. the government stronghold of tripoli will have to be taken out, risking civilian casualties. enforcing a no-fly zone would need hundreds of fighter jets supported by other larger aircraft with radar and refueling, worships for radar coverage, and helicopters for search and rescue. in iraq, when such a cap -- one operation would cost $100 million per year. >> to impose an offical no-fly zone would take the matter of days. but if the political aim is to support the rebellion, what if the rebellion last two years? are we willing to make the commitment for that amount of time? >> military actions needs to have clarity. >> m
." >> welcome to "bbc news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs and america and around the world. the u.n. security council backs action against colonel gaddafi with a no-fly zone. >> this resolution demands an immediate cease-fire and a complete end to attacks against civilians. >> as libyan forces close in on benghazi, gaddafi says his army will show no mercy. celebration and fireworks in benghazi as news reaches the rebels. in japan, engineers at the foot fishing the dai-ichi power plant lay new power plants that should be keeping the core cool. -- engineers at the fukishima power plant late new power lines to keep the for cool. the u.n. security council has approved a resolution for the creation of a no-fly zone to protect civilians in libya from attacks by colonel gaddafi's forces. the resolution calls for all necessary measures but it rules out the use of foreign ground troops. there were five abstentions including china and russia. french officials have said that military action could begin within hours although britain has cautioned against that suggestion. >> there was no opposition to the
and diplomats defect to the protesters. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- more fears that the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear plant is raising radiation levels in the sea surrounding it. and a man undergoes a full face transplant. hello. colonel gaddafi's government in libya is telling reporters that foreign attacks that killed many people at ports and at the airport, which it describes as the series -- as a civilian airport. the government also says the last rebel stronghold in the west of the country has fallen to gaddafi loyalists. earlier, gaddafi troops were accused of firing on civilians. there is no doubt that a third night of bombardment is under way. this is the scene in the capitol. attacks on the first two nights were at a series of libyan targets, including colonel gaddafi's compound. but coalition leaders including president obama insisted the mission is not regime change. >> already in the war has come to the heart of the gaddafi's regime, to his own compound. we heard the h
secretary said the crisis seems to have been more serious than america's worst nuclear accident in 1979. this is down to a small rotating team of workers. what are their options for bringing the crisis under control. a neat row of reactors, have the power station used to look. compare it to the picture today. in the middle of the picture a cloud of steam from one unit. today came the first official assessment from outside japan of how bad things really are. worse than america's most serious nuclear reactor sent -- nuclear accident. >> as they are unfolding rapidly and conflicting reports, so we don't know in detail what is happening. >> we have a state of emergency declared. some radioactivity was released but it involved just one reactor and not four. the range of options for attacking the crisis is shrinking. they are pumping in water to cool the reactors. the aim is to keep water flowing through to reduce temperatures but this creates steam and too much could trigger an explosion. another option is to deploy it more workers but that is hazardous. reactor three is getting off so much
rebels from strongholds, as they prepare for a bigger government onslaught. >> america, and nato, france, this is our country. >> there is much diplomatic talk, but no agreement on what to do next. the arab uprising reached the saudi kingdom. we have a special report. welcome to bbc world news. the pope has been a new book about jesus christ and there are surprising revelations. and we journey to australia to find out why the kangaroo has such a balance in its step. -- such a bounce in its step. in libya, colonel gaddafi's troops are still bombarding rebel-held areas from the air and the ground. one of his sons has said that government forces will unleash a full-scale assault. any international integration -- any international intervention will not be a piece of cake, and will fail. the rebels and those following them are easy targets on an open road in in the desert. this was near the oil camp. and they weren' forced back. the rebels have gone up and down this road, but to get off the forces have more firepower. -- in the khaddafi forces have more firepower. >> where is everybody? we ne
for themselves. america out for france or russia -- can these countries allow the military barracks to be attacks, police stations to be attacked and people take arms? they will fight them. of course, they will. they actually thought civilian people in america, like russian parliament people sitting outside -- inside peacefully -- the protestors were attacked. what we are facing our military groups. they are surrounded and they are stuck where they are. like the algerian army did what the armed forces -- like what happens with -- when it israeli tanks invaded. under the claim that there were fighting armed groups. in afghanistan, using the pretext that we killed 100 armed people in the swat valley, they claim that we killed our people. so, it is allowed. so far we have not even decided to fight these people and issued a decision that goes against us. why? even journalists yesterday told me that in fact armed people are being fought everywhere in the world. and if you attack armed people who are actually attacking and sabotaging your positions -- if you leave them as they are and just surround tha
, and america are seeking to intervene in create a division within libya. any move would have to be carefully calculated. >> thanks for that. news is developing of the turn. if you want the latest on the country, had to a website all of the other developments, we will bring them to you. at least 20 people are being killed and more than 100 injured by a car bomb in eastern pakistan. this is right of a natural gas filling station. police say a car packed with explosives was detonated by remote control. it led to some gas exploding. you can imagine the level of explosion it led to. our correspondent is in islamabad covering this for us. the damage is pretty widespread. >> the damage was huge. the explosion was so powerful it rocked the ground. it brought to the gas filling station down. heavy-duty equipment and cranes have been brought in as rescue workers are still at the scene. they are trying to live the way all of the debris. they hope to find survivors underneath. they're not clear if the intended target of the attack was the gas station. there is an office of military intelligence
to hammer out the details of the new structure. a fifth day patrolling the no-fly zone, america made it clear they want to hand things over to ideally nato. but so far the only agreement is that the alliance will play a key role in the campaign. >> well, here on the ground in eastern libya, there seems to be a kind of military stalemate at the moment. the rebels who have been hoping to take advantage of that militarily are not pushing on very far to the west of here in benghazi, which is a city a kind of gateway to the west they need capture in order to progress toward the gaddafi strong hold and ultimately to tripoli. they says that -- they say that is their dream. the rebels are a pretty rag tag, ramshackled group. they don't have very much internal discipline. we've seen them arguing on the front line about what to do next. let's talk to john, who is at one of the bases in southern tripoli. one question for the allies is what to do about the city of missouri ray in the west where people are making increasing pleas saying they are being -- coming under bombardment and being killed
what she is thinking about a possible presidential bid. that is on world news america at these times on bbc world news and of course bbc america. all of that with matt frye. please stay with us here on bbc world is. -- world news. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click-to-play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
out around the pacific region, stretching right down as far as south america. you can see the gold star in the left-handish corner of the sea. s that the epicenter of the quake itself and gradually spreading, six, nine, 12 hours across the ocean could indeed reach south america. the warning has gone that far. closer to home but somewhere to the south is tie pais. the capital of taiwan, and that is where cindy is at the moment. you are preparing for the tsunami to reach you when? >> well, the tsunami is supposed to have already hit in some of these coastal areas in taiwan, about 30 minutes ago and 15 minutes ago in the biggest port. but so far, they have noticed no unusual situation. in some places they measured a wave of only 10 centimeters high. so right now they are saying no unusual sea wave situation. so i asked them, taiwan being so close to japan, why is this the case? they said it's like something dropping into a tub of water. it can splash any which way. but it depends on the sea bed. the geology of the sea bed could make the waves higher than in other areas. so taiwan seem
was in the midst of one of the biggest financial crises ever to hit south america. now it is one of the world's fastest-growing economies alongside china and india. figures out today show the economy grew at 9% last year. we have this report from one cyrus -- buenos aires. >> this is one of the busiest ports here. exports are rising. argentina is exporting more commodities to china and brazil. growth has not meant happiness for all. argentina has the second-highest rate of inflation in the americas after venezuela. some small businesses suffer because of it. >> everything goes up in price. we try not to put it in our final prices. that is a problem because our rent -- every day, it is less what we gain. >> inflation means higher wage demands and therefore higher costs. the official rate of inflation is about 10%. many economists say in reality, it is double this figure. that casts a cloud over the credibility of the growth. >> if you are underestimating the inflation rate, you will be overestimating the growth rate. it is quite likely that argentina's growth rate is not as high as the governm
billionaires last year, 115 this year. >> yes, the u.s. still has the most, 413 this year, but america is being outpaced by the so- called be are right -- bric countries and age it is roaring ahead with 332 rich people, even more than europe. one out of three of the world's rich as the individuals comes from the united states, and they are doing much better than the average american. their wealth went up by 30% in a year. but america as a whole is losing out to a faster growing countries that are churning out billionaires' even more quickly. the richest man in the world is still mexico's carlos slim, the telecom tycoon is worth $74 billion. he has widened his lead over microsoft's bill gates and investor warren buffett. s tend to be in their 60's, but there are young ones, too, -- of facebook. should the rest of us care about the super rich? mr. forbes says yes. >> the super wealthy of the people, almost all of them have created that wealth, which means they are creating vibrant businesses that provide growth for everyone else. >> enterprising billionaires' may help the economy everywhere, but
to the power plant. >> there has been stories that people in america are starting to get worried is -- will it hit us? there should not be any concern at all on this side of the pacific. the radiation coming out will be dissipated in the long by the time they ever reach america. the levels are not -- there is some misunderstanding about radiation. there is a constant -- and idea that this is a death ray or you will get cancer. radiation is a very mild carcinogen. within the levels people would be experiencing now, there is not a serious health concern. it is only the people who are very close to the scene who are being affected. it will probably stay that way unless there is some other unforeseen disaster. >> unfortunately we have to me that there but thank you for your insight. four people along the japanese coast the nuclear threat adds to the challenges they face. in one city survivors not only having to cope with the aftershocks, they also fear exposure to radiation. >> amidst the devastation and destruction there is a new concern. it is carried with the rain that started fal
." >> forces step up their attacks against the rebels in libya. america insists any decision to impose a no-fly zone should be made by the united nations. the bombardment continues as more air attacks. ivory coast hundreds of thousands flee the fighting over last year's disputed elections. welcome to bbc news. accused of trading on a legal tip-off, now the biggest insider trading trial in u.s. history. police investigate an organized crime syndicate that operated around the world. hello there as forces step up offenses against rebel areas, president obama's top national security advisors meet to outline what steps are realistic. washington as underscored any authorization of a no-fly zone must come from a united nation security council. >> colnel kadafi presented a front since the rebellion in his country began and more evidence of the fighting that split libya. these pictures show the situation a few days ago. government troops showing off flashes of what they claim is rebel held a&m mission. rebel forces say the situation in the city is very critical with fierce battles taking place. >> i
at america's role that it is playing at the moment in the conflict in libya, do you think that they were right to intervene as they have done to date given the fact that there is no clear end game and no clear delivery strategy for example? >> well i think there should have been an end game and delivery strategy before they did but given the fact that the u.k. and france were urging us to do that, the fact that the arab league joined in legitimate myselfing the operation and the u.n. mandate said you can use all necessary means to protect civilians gave us a good start. i hope we go on to do the other things about where does it end. >> looking at it today would suggest the obama administration move away from their lead in this >> we are trying to show the united states will not solve all of the world's problems by itself and the others showing people in the arab and muslim world it is not just the united states that is trying to be concerned about them but it is the international community. >> what will happen if for example gadhafi manages to survive and stay in power? does that not onl
to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. washington reintroduce this military trials at guantanamo bay despite anç earlier promise to close it down. the party is over for the highest-paid actor on american television. charlie sheen is sacked from his, a program. ç>> the six gulf states includg saudi arabia have called on the un security council to implement a no-fly zone over libya. the un needed to protect libyan citizens. earlier president obama said the u.s. and allies are stillç considering a military response to the situation in libya where he said people are facing unacceptable violence. >> i want to send a clear message to those around colonel gaddafi. it is their choice to make how they operate moving forward. theyç will be held accountable for whenever violence continues to take place there. in the meantime we have made no consulting in brussels are around a wide range of potential options, including potential military options. >> president obama's comments come asç the second day of a concerted counter-offensive by colonel gadd
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